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Winter Safety

Winter still has a grip on the North East. There are a couple things to remember to remain safe.

1)Carbon Monoxide

   Remember that CO is colorless, odorless and undetectable to human senses. Know that the signs of low to moderate CO poisoning are the same as the flu just without the fever. CO is a byproduct of combustion so if you have a gas furnace make sure it is serviced and working properly. CO Detectors are required in all dwellings.

2)Space Heaters

   Heaters are the second leading cause of fires, just behind cooking. Please never leave a space heater unattended and do not use them while sleeping. Ensure the area around a heater is free of any combustible materials. Place the heater on a firm level surface and make sure you are using an up to date heater with an automatic shutoff in case of tipping.


   Remember if you have 4-wheel drive you still must take your time and go slow because you will need longer brake time in slippery conditions. Remove all snow and ice from your car before traveling. Snow and ice blowing off can become a hazard to people traveling near you. In the event of a snowstorm, please adopt a hydrant in your neighborhood and ensure it is clear, visible and accessible. Water is vital for fire suppression!